April 6, 2012

ECCC 2012!

Well, ECCC 2012 has come and gone, so here's a brief con wrap-up! 
The con was amazing. We had a great spot this year, sandwiched between Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald, and comics legend Erik Larsen! (They were all super cool) 

All the people that came by the table were great. Everyone seemed to like a little fantasy mixed in with their superheroes. Emily's book did really well. It was a big hit with young artists and lovers of creature design. My sketchbooks also sold very well, and I spent most of the con drawing in them. A perk of having a table is that people come to you, and a bunch of my concept art friends from work and other studios came by to say hi and showed me some of the cool stuff they had bought. I picked up a book from "Cheeks" and a set of Michael Yamada's awesome "Zoom Zoo" alphabet flash cards. I think we all need to brush up on our ABC's and having cute animals driving amazingly designed cars is a huge bonus.

Finally here's some photos! Hop over to Emily's blog, she posted some of the other pictures we took, as well as her own write up.
Please exchange your money for our art.
Our table complete with Emily's eye catching Marsh
Nymph banner.

My side of the table. My Vol1 sketchbook is finally sold out and will never be
reprinted again! MUAHAHAHAHA!

The Explorers Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures
Can someone explain what's happening here?
Nightcrawler is confused by the multitude of books written about him.
(one of my modeler friends form work)

"Okay, so if you buy my book, you'll learn some good drawing tips, but more
importantly you will allow me to buy more cute shirts with animals on them."

Harley Quinn has been working out.
Princess Vader orders this post to be shut down.

Thanks to all who came by. We had a blast, and we'll be back next year!

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