June 24, 2012

SOTW 285

Charlie Mushroom: The drug dealer with a heart of gold.
Side note: For whatever reason this sketch is one of my favorite things I've drawn in a long time. I feel like a lot of things clicked. The pose, the costume, and the expression are all interesting and draw you into the character. Also I knew when to stop drawing. Typically when I sketch straight with pen I tend to noodle the drawing to death.

I drew this while lounging in the dressing room area while Emily was trying on some clothes. I remember being inspired by a long, thin sweater jacket thingy hanging in front of me. Inspiration is everywhere! I really want to design the rest of this guy and throw some color on him. 

Since 2007 I've been posting a sketch/doodle/whatever every week on my site. I'll be continuing this trend here on my blog and on my new site:

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